The First Time (1969)

The First Time (1969)

Released: 1969
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre
Director: James Neilson
Starring: Rickey Kelman, Wes Stern, Jacqueline Bisset, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 4.8/10
Country: USA
Views: 66916


Three teen guys decide to lose their virginity. Some really want to and some are peer pressured into it.
User Reviews: This is your basic story of three young men who are trying to get laid and meet an older woman. We’ve seen it before and this offers nothing new. A young man named Kenny (Wes Stern) writes his friends from Buffalo that he goes to a whorehouse at Niagara Falls and then one day Mike (Ricky Kelman) and Tommy (Wink Roberts) show up and expect to be shown the whorehouse named "Rosies". They make it to Niagara Falls and in a bar they meet Anna (Jacqueline Bisset) who asks them to help her cross the border. They get back to Buffalo and head to their hotel room where they expect sex that Anna is not expecting. The lead actor is Wes Stern whom I remember as Lenny on the show "Rhoda" and the studio’s really tried to make him more popular but it never happened. He was such an unmasculine and nerdy guy which made him perfect for the role in this film. Stern was not a bad actor and he actually has some good moments in the film. Bisset also has her moments and she actually seemed to play the same role years later in the comedy "Homework" if you remember that one. Nice location shooting of Niagara Falls that make this a nice film to look at. Not a bad film but awfully predictable and familiar.

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