The Face at the Window (1939)

The Face at the Window (1939)

Released: 1939
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: George King
Starring: Aubrey Mallalieu, John Warwick, Tod Slaughter, ,
Run time: 70 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: UK
Views: 171790


In 1880, the criminal called The Face is responsible for a murderous rampage in France. When the Brisson Bank is robbed in Paris and the employee Michelle is murdered, the wealthy Chevalier Lucio del Gardo is the only chance to save the bank. Chavalier proposes to the owner M. de Brisson to deposit a large amount of gold, but in return he would like to marry his daughter Cecile. However, Cecile is in love with the efficient clerk Lucien Cortier that belongs to the lower classes and refuses the engagement. In order to get rid off the rival, Chavalier uses evidences to incriminate Lucien, manipulating the incompetent Parisian chief of police.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: This was a fun wolf man film. It is true that Tod Slaughter is quite a bit of a ‘ham’ (like Vincent Price) and it is his performance that made the film fun to watch. This movie is a good watch if you enjoy the classics and werewolf films. The film is a horror film but has touches of comedy in it tastefully done.

Who is "The Face at the Window"? We have two plausible suspects: Chevalier Lucio del Gardo (Tod Slaughter) and Lucien Cortier (John Warwick) but could it be someone else? Don’t expect this film to be anything like "Werewolf of London" or "Wolf Man" — this flick it a different story than either of two mentioned films.

This movie would make a great manatee’ or a rainy day film. I quite enjoyed this movie.


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