The Entity (1982)

The Entity (1982)

Released: 1982
Genre: Biography, Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: Sidney J. Furie
Starring: David Labiosa, Ron Silver, Barbara Hershey, ,
Run time: 125 min
IMDb: 6.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 77949


Carla Moran awakens one night to find herself being beaten and raped by an unseen presence. Terrified of what’s happening to her, and shunned by friends and family who think she’s lost her mind, she seeks help from parapsychologists. The researchers soon discover that evil spiritual force has been drawn to Carla and is responsible for the violent attacks. The question now, however, is how do they stop it? Based on a supposedly true story.
Written by
Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>
User Reviews: I saw this movie in the theaters when I was 6. It scared the crap out of me then… Now I am 30 and it still scares the crap out of me. Wow! What an amazing horror/thriller. This movie is what a suspenseful horror film should be. The directing and cinematography are incredible. The story unfolds as it sucks you in and doesn’t let go for a second. It’s a shame these types of films are rarely made anymore. The atmosphere is nauseatingly creepy, the acting on every front is exceptional and the soundtrack is fresh and original. The fact that it is based on true events only adds to the scares. Why can’t Hollywood make movies like this anymore? 25 years after its release it still holds up! If you want to have some serious nightmares watch it alone, at night with the lights off. I dare you…

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  • Isa Atakan 10 months ago

    I ve saw first when was i child its very terrified movie 👌🤯 thx prima

  • Forever Metal 1 year ago

    I would have died of frigh8had this happened to me! I believe stro8in the paranormal and supernatural. Stay away from ougi boards they are NOT A TOY and can be very dangerous. Why start something you can’t stop!

  • Altaf 1 year ago

    Excellent movie and HD quality.

  • Altaf 1 year ago

    Excellent qualify.