The Disappointments Room (2016)

The Disappointments Room (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror, Thriller
Director: D.J. Caruso
Starring: Duncan Joiner, Mel Raido, Kate Beckinsale, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 3.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 90445


The architect Dana, her husband David and their son Lucas move to an isolated manor in the countryside seeking a restart of their lives after the death of their baby daughter in a tragic accident. Dana overhears noises in the attic and finds a hidden locked room. Soon she finds the keys and is haunted by the evil spirit of an old man. She researches and learns that old rural houses had disappointments rooms where disabled children were locked to avoid embarrassment to the traditional families. Further, the spirits of the original owner of the house, Judge Blacker, and his daughter are still trapped in the house. However, only Dana is capable to see and contact them and David believes she is delusional. When Judge Blacker threatens the life of Lucas, Dana tries to protect him but she is not sure of what is reality or daydream.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: The Disappointments Room.

Do you know where that room is? It was my living room while watching this horrible excuse of a movie.

What the heck was the movie about at all?

And I knew it before. As you probably are just as big horror fans as I am, you know the golden rule: when there is a famous Hollywood actor / actress in it, the movie is bad. Really, really bad.

But I adore Kate Beckinsale (even though blonde is NOT a good hair colour for her…), so I wanted to give it a shot. And hey, there CAN be pleasant surprises when it comes to horror flicks with stars in it. Deliver Us From Evil, Mirrors, The Veil (but not for Alba, for T.Jane only!). It CAN work, so I was full of hope.

I shouldn’t have been.

The movie is completely boring, from start to end. There is no "horror" in it. I mean, literally. The only scenes, that are supposed to be creepy, are flashbacks, nothing more. No jumpscares, no gore, no suspense, just plain nothing.

If Kate at least would have undressed, but nooooo, not even that.

The plot is confusing and has no start and no end – I heard important scenes got cut out of the movie (read the review of the extra from the movie’s set), but even with all of them included it would still be a horrible movie.

Kate Beckinsale obviously did not receive enough money to bring in some effort, and the Frank Grillo clone could not catch that up for her.

The quality of course was good, perfect camera, light, sound, there was nothing left to be desired. But you can bet Kate Beckinsale does not work with people not knowing their technical jobs on set.

This must have been some contract work for Beckinsale, I cannot see why she participated in this mess of a movie. Or maybe she cannot get any more roles these days, since the success of "Underworld" lies far back in the past, and she does not get younger, I don’t know. Whatever, just like me, she should have avoided this movie.

I could not even tell, what the movie really, really was about. Sure, there was this room where the rich people hid their ugly kids, fair enough. But why some – what? Ghosts? – haunt her now, and ONLY her but nobody else, I have no idea. What was it about that dude helping doing the repairs? Is he dead, or what? Was he real at all? He has to be, since her hubbie has seen him, right? And all those multiple scenes, where you see all actors in different roles? WTF?

As the title says: the movie is a complete and utter mess. It has no clear target to achieve, no character development at all, and more holes than plot.

The golden rule just got confirmed again. Avoid horror movies with big names in it. Give 20.000 bucks to some talented amateurs, and you will get way more entertaining horror flicks.

Put Beckinsale back in this black leather catsuit or let her play some RomCom, this is her only range as actress.


No More.


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