The Debt Collector (2018)

The Debt Collector (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Action, Genre
Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Starring: Vladimir Kulich, Louis Mandylor, Scott Adkins, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: UK
Views: 183972


A classically-trained martial artist goes to work as a debt collector for the mob. The job seems easy enough, until one “client” pulls him into a situation deeper than could ever be expected. Also starring Louis Mandylor, Michael Pare, Tony Todd and Vladimir Kulich. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson.
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User Reviews: Good action. Great fight choreography. The real treat is Louis Mandylor as "Sue". He’s immediately likeable as the cynical hit man, bringing Scott Adkins along as the newbie debt collector. Adkins does a more than adequate job acting but still comes off a teensy bit flat but not at all as flat as the rest of the cast. The story isn’t terrible in fact, it’s not typical at all for this sort of film.

At first the images of the cows make you go "wha?" But it’s a unique device filling you in on the inevitability of it all.

The gunfight in the apartment is overly long and unrealistic for such close quarters. An experienced soldier wouldn’t hide behind a couch. I was expecting Adkins to get behind the oddly placed industrial strength steel coffee table after looking back at Sue hiding behind the decidedly better cover. It would have gained a good chuckle out of me had that happened.

All in all a good yarn but oddly untypical.

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