The Comb (1991)

The Comb (1991)

Released: 1991
Genre: Animation, Genre
Starring: Joy Constaninides, ,
Run time: 18 min
IMDb: 7.2/10
Country: UK
Views: 125291


A porcelain doll and a sleeping woman. How will they interact through her dreams?
User Reviews: Unconventional in almost every way imaginable, this heavily stylized near-masterpiece of avant garde animation directly visits the depths of the human mind in this profound and slightly disturbing meditation on the magic of dreams. The colors pop, and the animation sparkles with perfection. By 1991, the Brothers Quay had flat out mastered the art of stop motion animation, because in this film, the animated characters’ movements are so spot on and flawless that it’s ridiculous. Whenever something moved, I felt like my jaw was going to drop because of how much obvious effort was put into such tiny details within the brief production.

This is easily the most dreamlike of the Brothers Quay films that I have seen so far as it accurately captures the unconscious mind. Arguably, this unconscious-mind-capturing can be found in all of the films produced by Stephen and Timothy Quay, but this film does it most directly by literally being about a dream!

the only real problem I had wit this great experimental short was how slow it felt at times. While their films are some of the most magical and beautiful of all time, I must admit that the greatest fault of the Brothers Quay is their ability to make their films unfortunately slow paced. While I was extremely engaged at certain points, a small fraction of my first viewing of "The Comb" featured no more than my mind wandering, pondering other topics, something that I never like happening while watching a film. So, warning, if you’re impatient, the territory of the Brothers Quay’s magnificent animations may not be one you should trespass.

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