The Chocolate Soldier (1941)

The Chocolate Soldier (1941)

Released: 1941
Genre: Comedy, Genre, Music, Romance
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Starring: Nigel Bruce, Risë Stevens, Nelson Eddy, ,
Run time: 102 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 170228


Maria and Karl Lang are the singing duo of Vienna. Maria is very flirtatious and Karl very jealous. Karl decides to masquerade as a Russian guardsman and attempts to make Maria flirt with him – to test her loyalty to him – as the Russian, Karl makes a vigorous attempt to seduce Maria. For a moment she accepts then rejects. Karl is left in turmoil…
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User Reviews: THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER is a musical based on the famous old Molnar play THE GUARDSMAN, filmed by the Lunts back in 1931, in which an actor (Nelson Eddy) tests the fidelity of his actress wife (Rise Stevens) by disguising himself as a Russian prince and trying to seduce her while her `husband’ is out of town. He succeeds, to his chagrin. The handsome and amiable but often bland Eddy is almost unrecognizable as the fiery and passionate Russian, and his performance is a comic revelation, accent and all (favorite lines: `My fillings are runnink avay vith me’ and `Like sheeps that pass out in the night’). Unfortunately, a good deal of the original naughtiness is missing: the Production Code of 1941 required that the wife be aware of her husband’s masquerade from the beginning. In the original play she claims she knew it was him all along—but did she? We’re not sure!

Dreadful choreography in the musical numbers, but beautiful Oscar Strauss music performed masterfully by Eddy and Rise Stevens, plus `Evening Star’ from TANNHAUSER sung gorgeously by Eddy and `My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice’ from SAMSON AND DELILAH by Stevens. Even though Stevens has the superior voice, one can’t help wishing that Jeanette MacDonald, with her considerable comic gifts, had been available for the part!

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