"The Boys" Good for the Soul (TV Episode 2019)

"The Boys" Good for the Soul (TV Episode 2019)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Starring: Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, ,
Run time: 60 min
IMDb: 8.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 59915


At the “Believe Expo”, Starlight talks with teens while being quietly directed to push an agenda, while Butcher has Hughie meet Ezekiel, the Expo host and their next lead. Maeve feels guilty for letting Flight 37 crash and visits her ex-girlfriend Elena, but leaves before explaining herself fully. Butcher takes time to talk with Rachel, his sister-in-law, over putting a tombstone to Becca. After A-Train kills Popclaw for betraying him, he finds surveillance footage of Frenchie. After Homelander exits a meeting with Ezekiel, Hughie extorts Ezekiel for information about Compound-V. Homelander rallies the crowd with an impromptu hardline speech, energizing the crowd. Starlight breaks script to honestly open up how she feels about her faith while also publicly revealing her sexual assault. She walks off, with Hughie coming by to comfort her and to explain himself about Robin’s death and needing some means of coping. Butcher and Milk discover babies exposed to Compound-V to manufacture …
Written by
Aaron Kyle
User Reviews: This is my first review I’ve written, and I felt compelled to share my take on this episode.

First off, as a Christian, it takes a lot for me to get angry over the way media represents Christianity. However, a lot of the episode that was on Christianity felt more like it was bashing/ making fun of corporate Christianity- where people who don’t believe in Christian beliefs or aren’t living a Christian take advantage of Christians and manipulate them for their own gain. The character of Ezekiel feels like a televangelist trying to profit off the masses. Starlight’s speech toward the end does have more overt tones of anti-Christianity, but if the writers don’t believe it, they can speak their piece on what they believe I guess. It felt more like someone going through a crisis of faith and her lashing out more than anything anyway.

The other plot points were more interesting than the main one. A-Train’s investigation simultaneously humanizes him and makes him more irredeemable, which is something I’ve grown an appreciation for in this show with all of the Seven. Frechie is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters as he tries to connect to the Female and his plot line starts to wrap up with A-Train’s. Homelander’s little rivalry with the baby is pretty humorous, and his acting like a repressed child while Stillwall tries to control him was great as well.

The action scenes at the end were pretty great, although a bit short. The pacing slowed quite too.

Overall, a slower but still necessary episode with a little too much unnecessary anti-religious sentiments to where it could be distracting. Weaker episode, but still a good one. 8/10

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