"The Blacklist" Brothers (TV Episode 2020)

"The Blacklist" Brothers (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Mystery, TV-Show
Director: Mahesh Pailoor
Starring: Diego Klattenhoff, Megan Boone, James Spader, ,
Run time: 43 min
IMDb: 7/10
Views: 70152


Ressler is forced to confront past trauma and family secrets when his brother takes him back home for a risky job.
User Reviews: What more is there to say? It’s like writing Jack bauer out of an episode of 24. If I could give this episode a zero I would. It doesn’t even deserve a one. This is in my bottom 50 probably right at the worst episode of all time. Terrible choice writing Red out of an episode. What were they thinking? Now this will never be forgotten and not for a good reason. I know there may be people who actually like this episode. But for me the very act of the writers writing James spader out is something I find insulting and stupid. And this is not about Spader fanatics. Some things on television just shouldn’t be done. It’s that simple. You don’t write the main charector out of a show. If you do that’s all I see . That you decided to do that. I never thought that they would do this but now they have. And if they would do it once they will do it again. Not to mention that the show itself for the most part has really started going down hill. This show is not as good as it once was. This season in particular reminds me of season 4. Some really good episodes but mostly really bad boring episodes. To be honest I have never disliked this show as much as I do right now. I’m nearing my limit and I never thought I’d say that. I’d James spader and Megan Boone are co stars why do they barley have scenes together? Why does red not get involved in the cases more? I’m going to go watch bones or the mentalist

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