The Best and the Brightest (2010)

The Best and the Brightest (2010)

Released: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Genre
Director: Josh Shelov
Starring: Bonnie Somerville, Amelia Talbot, Neil Patrick Harris, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: USA
Views: 187079


Set in the world of New York City’s elite private kindergartens, THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST centers on a fresh-faced young couple, Samantha and Jeff, who have only recently moved into town. The comedy centers on their dawning realization of the lengths they must go to in order to get their five-year-old daughter into school.
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User Reviews: I went to this preview because I thought the premise had a lot of promise; my good friends living in New York are living testimonials to the absurdity of getting into preschool. A couple from Delaware move to Manhattan, with the assumption that they will actually get their five year old into a school. Not so fast. To make this happen, a charade is constructed, and soon it takes off on a mind of its own. This movie did a great job,and was hysterical. It had a great pace, and great characters. Many of the concepts (like sexting as high art poetry) were brilliant. I hope this film takes off, because it is an original , and thoroughly enjoyable story.


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