The Age of Blood (2017)

The Age of Blood (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Action, Genre
Director: Hong-sun Kim
Starring: Seung-jin Hong, Jung Hae-In, Dan-bi Geum, ,
Run time: 102 min
IMDb: 5.8/10
Country: South Korea
Views: 142298


After a lost battle, Kim Ho, a once-proud swordsman for the king, is suddenly reappointed as a lowly prison guard. Working overnight on his first day, he runs headlong into an attempted prison break.
User Reviews: Excellent movie👍! Don’t miss it..
During the Joseon dynasty Kim Ho (Jung Hae-in) is without a job. When he finally gets a job it’s not really the one he had in mind. He is appointed as a prison guard. One of the inmates is the traitor Lee In-jwa (Kim Ji-hoon), who has started a rebellion against king Yeong-jo (Ryu Tae-joon). Lee believes to be in the right since Yeong-jo has killed his own brother in order to ascend the throne. Lee’s subordinates plan to free the rebel leader and eventually assault the prison. They kill everyone, but they didn’t expect to run into someone like Kim Ho. The boy turns out to be an exceptional swordsman. However, since the men around Lee are also excellent warriors Lee manages to escape and Kim is badly hurt. He manages to get into the Royal Palace to warn the king’s counsel about the commencing rebellion. Yet, Lee has also allies at the Royal Court and so Kim barely manages to get away with his life. Apparently, the queen is involved in the rebellion as well. Kim doesn’t really have an interest in the political schemes, but now just wants to take out Lee because he had his prison stormed. A deadly fight follows, in which the future of the country is at stake, too.

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