An expedition to salvage the remains of Mechagodzilla comes up empty handed. Instead a massive dinosaur, Titanosaurus, is discovered and destroys the sub. When Interpol launches an investigation, they are lead to the Black Hole Aliens, Dr. Mafune, and his mysterious daughter Katsura.
User Reviews: The last of the original wave of Zilla movies.rnrnIt has a mixed reputation among the fans, but Terror of Mechagodzilla is a romp of a sequel, one that’s not without deep emotional heart.rnrnPlot is bonkers of course, aliens are plotting to rule the world and have recreated Mechagodzilla after Godzilla shredded it to pieces in the previous meeting of the two beasts (Godzilla V Mechagodzilla). There’s Interpol agents running around not exactly in control of anything, a vengeful scientist with an agenda who aids the aliens, while his daughter has become a cyborg designed to control Titanosaurus, a gigantic amphibious dinosaur that teams up with Mechagodzilla to stomp on Tokyo. All is lost for mankind, until Godzilla climbs out of the ocean to hopefully protect his domain.rnrnThe return of Ishirō Honda to the director’s chair is a reassuring presence, and it helps the film retain a classy production level. The monster smack-downs are neatly choreographed, the model work is wonderfully 1970s, and Akira Ifukube’s thunderous score gladdens the spirit as it simultaneously rocks your bones. Yukiko Takayama’s screenplay contains intelligence, where the sci-fi boffin speak is spliced with deep observations on humanity and what it means to be part of such a race etc.rnrnFan division usually comes down to who likes super-hero Godzilla or who likes Godzilla in destroy everything mode. This is the former, and it’s cheer worthy, the atomic lizard in a bad mood would not surface again for 10 years, and by then the direction of Zilla’s fortunes got increasingly silly. This marks

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