Temptation (2009)

Temptation (2009)

Released: 2009
Genre: Fantasy, Genre, Horror, Thriller
Director: Catherine Taylor
Starring: Rachel Waters, Laura Evans, Caroline Haines, ,
Run time: 88 min
IMDb: 2.6/10
Country: UK
Views: 134125


After a heavy night out with the girls, Isabel, and attractive young professional woman catches an illegal mini-cab home. Things take a turn for the worse when the cabbie pulls her into an ally and violently forces himself onto her, taking her life. From high above on the rooftop, an ancient female Vampire notices. Taken in by Isabel’s beauty and innocence, she dispatches the Cabbie and feeds Isabel a drop of her immortal blood. Isabel awakes with 48 hours to decide whether to embrace immortality, or kill herself before she becomes undead.
Written by
Brit Films
User Reviews: Ever since ‘interview with the vampire’ came out back in the early 90’s I’ve been waiting for someone to make the definitive Gothic vampire flick…maybe i should do it hahaha something serious, with tons of sex, blood and rock n roll…I’ve seen most of the old hammer horrors (Lust for a Vampire is a good one) plus some by Jean Rollin and Jess Franco (check Vampyres Lesbos, wat a trip!), and read tons of books…

this one isn’t bad, the director obviously had some vision…SFX were OK, camera angles and use of music was good and i liked the locations…the babes are cute but the acting was pretty terrible…the whole thing is very B-grade, but that isn’t always a bad thing in my opinion. U don’t need millions of dollars to make a good movie, but solid actors may have changed this from an OK vampire flick into something special…

any ‘twilight’ fans can forget this. This isn’t hardcore as far as im concerned, but would definitely be on past their bedtimes…

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