Talento de barrio (2008)

Talento de barrio (2008)

Released: 2008
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: José Iván Santiago
Starring: Katiria Soto, Maestro Yek, Daddy Yankee, ,
Run time: 107 min
IMDb: 5.2/10
Country: Puerto Rico
Views: 31709


A misunderstood youth from the streets of Puerto Rico must choose between musical superstardom and underworld notoriety after falling for a beautiful uptown girl whose positive influence causes him to seriously consider giving up a life of crime. Edgar Dinero (Daddy Yankee) was balancing thug life with greater ambitions when he first met the girl of his dreams. In order to prevent the girl from slipping through his fingers, Dinero does his best to prevent her from discovering his true ties to the violent barrio underworld. By day, Dinero slips into the recording studio with dreams of becoming a big reggaeton star, and by night be takes to the streets to defend his turf from the most violent criminals in the city. One day, Dinero realizes he finally has the opportunity to leave his life of crime behind. Will he ever convince the corrupt cops that he’s changed his ways, and will his brothers on the street find the courage to forgive him for abandoning them during their darkest hour? Now…
Written by
Charys Caldarella
User Reviews: I’m a professional uploader. Who has been going crazy for the release of this movie. Not just a movie, but a great FILM. [ Coño ] It even attracted my attention since 2005. When supposibly Daddy Yankee were talking’ about making a movie. Yeap – since 2005 i had been waiting for it. 2008 I had the pleasure to buy it from amazon . com. Many people were asking me " Andy where u gonna get it ? " . I was like – I DON’T KNOW.

But F-I-N-A-L-L-Y I was able to watch it. AND , Oh hell CHEA !. i loved it. i WATCHED it 3 times [ 2 in Spanish and once in plain English ] . The English version is funny – the way they talked <- MAD GHETTO. Just like WE NEW YORKERS know.

Now : About the movie. I give it 10/10 , 5 Stars , " Se lucio ". Daddy Yankee and Maestro. In my opinion were the main characters – of course let’s not forget about the other reggaetoneros.

The question you should ask yourself is: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HATTERS, who said " Daddy Yankee is not gonna make it "?

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