"Supergirl" Alex in Wonderland (TV Episode 2020)

"Supergirl" Alex in Wonderland (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Tawnia McKiernan
Starring: Katie McGrath, Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist, ,
Run time: 42 min
IMDb: 7.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 145801


After learning of Jeremiah’s death, Alex slips into depression because she couldn’t save him. She enters Platinum VR and takes on the role of Supergirl, but soon finds herself unable to remember reality. Meanwhile, Kelly realizes that the glitched failsafe wasn’t fixed as she requested, and Kelly and William draw one step closer to Lex and Gemma’s plans for Platinum VR.
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User Reviews: Great episode. From the start chyler Leigh once again showed why she is a great actress. It is sad that people are once again down voting the ep just because they don’t like a certain character. Get over it,and vote the true way. This episode was a great emotionally charged hour.

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