‘Sunset Blvd.’: A Look Back (Video 2002)

‘Sunset Blvd.’: A Look Back (Video 2002)

Released: 2002
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Starring: Andrew Sarris, Nancy Olson, Ed Sikov, ,
Run time: 25 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 174062


Film critics, actors, film historians and other personalities share their experiences and curious stories on the acclaimed Billy Wilder’s masterpiece “Sunset Blvd.”; its cultural importance by being one of the most iconic and revolutionary films ever made and a picture that still stands the test of time.
Written by
Rodrigo Amaro
User Reviews: Sure there’s a few tidbits that can be learned from watching this little puff piece on a great movie (such as how the shot of the swimming pool from below was pulled off), but for the most part it seems lacking in substance, the worst offender is without a doubt Glenn Close, as she seems to add nothing to the featurette, absolutely nothing. And for the life of me, I truly can’t see why she was even in it, except maybe to pad out the running time. And yes I know she was in the Andrew Llyod Weber musical, but i absolutely LOATHE Weber. This 25-minute featurette can be found as an extra on the Special Edition DVD of "Sunset Blvd."

My Grade: C-

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