Strictly Sexual (2008)

Strictly Sexual (2008)

Released: 2008
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Joel Viertel
Starring: Kristen Kerr, Johann Urb, Amber Benson, ,
Run time: 100 min
IMDb: 6.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 81486


In Los Angeles, the wealthy aspirant writer Donna and her best friend (also aspirant designer) Christi Ann are bored of relationships and decide to chase two escorts in a bar for one night stand. Meanwhile, the construction workers and best friends Stanny and Joe come from New York but do not find jobs in Los Angeles; without money, they decide to go to a fancy bar to drink and leave the place without paying the bill. Donna and Christi Ann meet Stanny and Joe and invite them home believing they are hustlers. After a night of sex, the women discover the misunderstanding and that the men are indeed unemployed workers. They offer them to stay in a tent near the swimming-pool with beer and food while they search for jobs; in return, they would be their “boy-toys” during the nights in a strictly sexual relationship. Along the following weeks, the couples become closer and change their feelings and behaviors with the development and growing of their relationships.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: It’s a really great movie, okay maybe not great as in top 250 but really good then. It’s about camaraderie between friends and about love between people.

The movie is about Joe and Stanny, two construction workers from Queens who find themselves in LA looking for work, and Donna and Chriti, a writer and a designer. At a nice hotel bar, Donna and Christi are looking for male prostitutes where Joe and Stanny are just looking to get drunk. They meet and the story takes of.

This would be something I’d see alone or with my date/girlfriend, maybe even with my friends but most of them would probably give this movie a 3-4. I gave it an 8, it’s a kind of a feel good movie. If you tear up easily or occasionally you probably need something to wipe those with. As I said I really liked it..


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