Story of a Love Affair (1950)

Story of a Love Affair (1950)

Released: 1950
Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Starring: Ferdinando Sarmi, Massimo Girotti, Lucia Bosè, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: Italy
Views: 115873


Paola (Lucia Bose) is the beautiful and jealously-guarded younger wife of a shady factory owner, Enrico Fontana (Ferdinando Sarmi). In order to investigate her romantic history he hires a private detective, which ironically brings Paola back into contact with former lover Guido (Massimo Girotti), with whom she resurrects a lost passion. Dogged by the suspicions of their respective mates, they are drawn closer to each other in the face of adversity, and begin to plot Enrico’s demise. But when the challenge of being together falls away, will the passion start to wane? A masterpiece of intensity and finely-wrought emotion.
Written by
Mr Bongo
User Reviews: "Cronaca di un amore" was Antonioni’s first full-length film. It’s a romantic film noir, full of passion, but very far from the Hollywood saccharine romanticism.

It begins almost as a police film: an investigation is being led about Paola Molon. A detective is walking around, asking questions about her.

Seven years ago, Paola (Lucia Bosé) was in love with Guido (Massimo Girotti). Guido was engaged to Paola’s best female friend, but there was already love between Guido and Paola. Still, one day a tragic accident happens. And this accident will tear Guido and Paola apart. And now this investigation will reunite them again. Their love is rekindled.

Paola is now married to a wealthy entrepreneur, lives in a mansion, has servants, a car with chauffeur etc.., but Guido’ life has been a constant struggle to make ends meet. (Remember that we are in 1950, some years after the end of the war, and Italy was still far away from her economic boom)…..

"Cronaca di un amore" shows already Antonioni as an accomplished master. His eye for small details be it in interior or exterior scenes, his ability in directing actors, his sensitive use of land and cityscape – all these qualities are displayed in full force in the film.

Lucia Bosé is an outstanding actress – she is able to portray intense and contradictory emotions just by her facial expressions. Her acting is subtle and powerful. She’s a real diva. Giovanni Fusco’s soundtrack is a perfect companion to Antonioni’s images.

"Cronaca di un amore" is a very beautiful film.

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