Step Into Liquid (2003)

Step Into Liquid (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Documentary, Genre, Sport
Director: Dana Brown
Starring: Dan Malloy, Layne Beachley, Laird Hamilton, ,
Run time: 87 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 34343


Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary.
User Reviews: ‘Step Into Liquid’ director and writer carries on the torch of his father, Bruce Brown’s legacy with an even more intense, but momentary glimpse into a rather incredible sport in a sort of follow up made more than thirty-five years later after The Endless Summer. Though difficult for the loyal surfer to explain his love for surfing, which the surfers and filmmakers assure audiences that the "way of life" is as inexplicable as trying to explain what describe what colors look like, Dana Brown and others make an excellent effort in trying to reveal through words and visuals why this sport is indeed "their way of life." As the filmmakers traverse the globe, following more than just an endless summer, they feature thousands of surfers in even some of the most unusual locations (Wisconsin, Rapa Nui, Ireland, etc.) where the participants in the sport each have their own definition of the perfect wave, that extreme point where nature meets a fiberglass board and makes the rider feel so stoked and so addicted. It may be difficult to explain to the non-surfer, or probably even to the surfer, but Dana Brown and others make a wonderful attempt at capturing one of the oldest sports. While the actual ride itself is an intense experience, it is an adrenaline rush to watch it. And, even for the non-surfer, it can be appreciated on the level that you may feel this way about something you participate in, whether it be another sport or activity altogether. That, I highly admire.

This film offers amazing footage and it’s accompanying glorious scenery (and sometimes, not so glorious) and interviews from more than just the most well-known surfers. The DVD package also includes a hefty supply of special features, including the full-game version of Kelly Slater’s pro-surfer, additional interviews, and so forth. It is a stacked supply for surfing appreciation destined to make even the most indifferent of audiences stoked.

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