Sex and the Single Alien (1993)

Sex and the Single Alien (1993)

Released: 1993
Genre: Comedy, Genre
Director: Peter Daskaloff
Starring: Frank Fowler, Melanie Rose, Eric Kohner, ,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 5.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 185747


Harry Smith is your typical sexually-unfulfilled husband whose wife Olivia is more interested in UFOs than in him. With the help of his friend Sam, Harry makes Olivia believe that he has been abducted by aliens, when really he has an affair with the new dancer at the strip club which he and his wife own. But the tables are turned when Harry really is abducted by aliens, and they give him the remarkable ability to bring a woman to orgasm simply by looking at her.
Written by
Kastore <[email protected]>
User Reviews: With a title like "Sex and the Single Alien", no-one should expect the movie to be even remotely serious. And it is not. However, if you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands one evening and are feeling adventurous, you might gain something out of this movie.

Harry runs a strip joint (check out its name! Hilarious!) His wife is a serious UFO addict. Well, it turns out that one night, an honest-to-god UFO actually abducts Harry and performs experiments on him, giving him the power to induce orgasms in women by just looking at them.

For a movie with this premise, "Sex and the single Alien" features remarkably little nudity. There are a few shots of stock `stripper’ footage, but none of the actresses involved in the production remove their clothes. Don’t stop reading yet, though. The movie is still worth watching because of a fantastic scene where Harry brings the character played by actress Monique Parent to orgasm by staring purposefully at her. Monique gives a performance which holds its own with masterpieces such as those of Jane Fonda in `Coming Home’ and Barbara Hershey in `The Entity’.

The movie also has some creative humor and I really enjoyed it.

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