Score (1974)

Score (1974)

Released: 1974
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre
Director: Radley Metzger
Starring: Lynn Lowry, Casey Donovan, Claire Wilbur, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: Yugoslavia
Views: 126492


A happily married bisexual swinging couple, Jack and Elvira who spend their days lounging around the villa making bets and having sex. One weekend, they turn their sights on a couple of naive newlyweds, Betsy and Eddie and bet on whether or not they can seduce the two. Their small get together at their luxury Riviera villa turns into a night of secrets, seduction, and sexual discovery like no other. Elvira and Jack depict bisexuality perfectly as a swingers couple, having sex with each other as well as members of the same sex. When it comes to our naive newlyweds, Eddie is clearly a closeted homosexual and Betsy undoubtedly wants to be more than friends with Elvira while still maintaining an interest for the men in her life. Jack and Elvira allow these young partners to achieve a sexual liberation – regardless of sexuality.
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User Reviews: This is a pretty good movie but I’m not exactly sure who it was aimed at. Straight guys that want to see the gorgeous Lynn Lowry in hot, sapphic action might be tempted to watch it, but they will no doubt be left pretty jarred by the way Metzger intercuts the gay and lesbian sex scenes at the end. I would think the (in some versions hardcore)gay footage might ruin the mood a little for heterosexuals. There is a good softcore hetero scene at the beginning between Claire Wilbur’s character and a TV repairman while Lowry’s character looks on, but if you just want to see Lowry and/or a lot of heterosexual and lesbian sex you might do better with the contemporary cult film "Sugar Cookies" which features her and a young Mary Woronov. Gays, on the other hand, probably won’t relate too much to a movie about swinging married couples, although they will no doubt find it pretty funny how obviously gay the two "husbands" in this movie are to begin with (especially Lowry’s husband played by gay porno actor Casey Donovan). That leaves swinging bisexual types like the characters in the film (although I imagine those kind of people don’t have too much time to watch movies)and weirdos like me who don’t really watch sex movies for the sex (and there can’t be too many of us around).

On the plus side, this is a Radley Metzger movie. Metzger is perhaps the only American who can make graphic sex movies that have any class at all. The word "erotic" is overused almost as much as the word "pornographic", but whether they’re erotic or not Metzger makes movies that really look great visually, and whether you’re turned on by the action or not, at least you’re not crying over the wasted celluloid or cringing at the cheesy music and atrocious acting and dialogue. The acting here is also excellent, especially Lowry, Wilbur, and Gerald Grant–Donovan is good too but a little stiff (no pun intended). I’m not exactly sure who I’d recommend this TO, but I’d definitely recommend it.

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