S.F.W. (1994)

S.F.W. (1994)

Released: 1994
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre
Director: Jefery Levy
Starring: Jake Busey, Reese Witherspoon, Stephen Dorff, ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 5.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 90063


Cliff Spab is a guy who doesn’t really care about anything. He gets held hostage at a store for 36 days by terrorists, who demand that the entire thing be broadcast on national television. Cliff ends up taking a bullet for fellow hostage Wendy – making him a national hero. The two are the sole survivors of the ordeal, and soon become prisoners of the media. Cliff escapes it all, only to find himself being pushed further away from Wendy when he needs her most.
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User Reviews: Yet Another Wasted Night watching some indulgent auteur’s desperate attempt at creating a cult film. Jefrey Levy is one director to avoid. SFW is ineptly directed without any sense of camera position and far too much self consciousness. Promising lead actor Stephen Dorff should have changed his agent…in 1994 and I am writing this in 2005. Where has he gone? where is his career? His hilarious comment that he turned down the Jack Dawson role in TITANIC because he did not want to be remembered as ‘the guy in the boat picture" is so Derek Zoolander in it’s stupidity and lack of awareness one can only come to the sad realisation that maybe SFW is the peak of his career. Yecch. SFW is so apt a title in what is apparently supposed to be a merciless skewering of the media – all presented badly and clumsily by a hack TV director. Any film maker who actually wants Jake Busey in his film really does not have a clue as to what he is doing. Reese Witherspoon is completely wasted and the obviousness of Levy’s cult wannabe heavy handedness is evident throughout. SFW is basically a terrible film. If John Waters had made it – and he would have made a better job of it, and without the ridiculous incessant swearing it would have been successful because Waters understands irony. Annoyingly he did make a film with Dorff: CECIL B DEMENTED in 1999 which was great until the last reel when it all fell over. He should have made SFW instead, As for Stephen Dorff’s career, well I guess he can re emerge, Rocky-like and make a film called THE POWER OF TWO a sequel to the only intelligent film he has yet made. Otherwise like the career of both Dorf and Levy, SFW indeed.

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