Rumblestrips (2011)

Rumblestrips (2011)

Released: 2011
Genre: Drama, Genre
Starring: Zelda Adams, Lulu Adams, John Adams, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: USA


Rumblestrips are those raised bumps on the road that make a loud, jarring vibration when an inattentive driver drifts off course or needs to slow down. Rumblestrips the movie is a fictional narrative about a foolish but well-meaning mother whose life has drifted off center, and it’s the unwavering devotion of her two young daughters that leads her back within the lines. Told as a personal narrative from Toby’s and each of her young daughters’ points of view, Rumblestrips is a tale of how this family navigates loss and love when the mother they rely upon may soon be taken away from them. Broke and emotionally blistered after the death of her husband, Toby has turned to a beloved pastime, growing marijuana, to provide for her family. When she is arrested and convicted, she packs up the RV and takes her two young daughters on a road trip while uneasily awaiting sentencing. Lulu, longing for her normal 12 year-old’s life of boys and soccer, patiently rides along, quietly mining her mother…
Written by
Wonder Wheel Productions
User Reviews: I love all the movies this family makes. It seems like I’m growing up with them.

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