Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (1970)

Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (1970)

Released: 1970
Genre: Comedy, Genre, Western
Director: Mario Bava
Starring: Charles Southwood, Maril├╣ Tolo, Brett Halsey, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 4.8/10
Country: Italy
Views: 106821


Two gunmen, a Native American con-woman and a priest-turned-crime lord alternate between fighting and aiding each other over obtaining a treasure map that will lead them to buried gold.
User Reviews: A rollicking spoof of the Spaghetti Western genre, "Roy Colt & Winchester Jack" offers some fun for fans of the genre, although ultimately it’s awfully silly stuff. American actors Brett Halsey and Charles Southwood star as the title characters, members of the same outlaw gang. Roy goes his own way, hoping that he’ll be able to successfully go straight. But Roy, Jack, and others all end up on the trail of some hidden gold, with other people such as flamboyant villain "The Reverend" (Teodoro Corra) and self-serving, materialistic Indian prostitute Manila (Marilu Tolo) also playing key roles in the proceedings.

Although a far cry from the best work of Italian maestro Mario Bava, it’s still a definite curiosity that his admirers will want to check out. It’s a real change of pace for the filmmaker; rarely did he embrace comedy this thoroughly. While not always terribly funny – it does wear a little thin – it can’t be denied that it’s a very lively film that delivers some reasonably rousing action scenes. The performances are suited to the material. Halsey and Southwood have good chemistry; both are handsome, charismatic stars. Corra is way over the top as the effeminate bad guy who absolutely hates the feeling of being cold. But it’s the gorgeous Tolo who often steals the show; her character really is something. In one hysterical sequence, she insists that Jack take a bath – in cold water – before she’ll agree to make love to him.

Bavas’ creation of visuals and camera work are typically stylish, helping to keep this modest diversion watchable for a decently paced 86 minutes. It definitely ends on a real high note.

Six out of 10.

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