Rough Cut (1980)

Rough Cut (1980)

Released: 1980
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Genre
Starring: David Niven, Lesley-Anne Down, Burt Reynolds, ,
Run time: 112 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 183963


Two sophisticated jewel thieves join forces to steal $30 million in uncut jewels. Despite a continuous exchange of quips they eventually become romantically involved.
User Reviews: Picture this: Burt Reynolds is at a decadent party. He spies Leslie-Anne Down in a sequined black dress and is determined to meet her. Neither of them speak, until at last, Burt opens his mouth and does his best Cary Grant impersonation. She smiles and asks, "Why are you doing Tony Curtis?" If you laughed just now, you’ll like Rough Cut.

Burt catches Leslie stealing diamonds at the party, and he surreptitiously steals them from her a few minutes later. To get them back, she follows him back to his apartment and tries to stealthily rob him. Sparks fly, and he asks her on a date. In the next scene, she visits Chief Inspector David Niven; it turns out, she’s cooperating with the police to catch Burt, a notorious jewel thief!

Rough Cut is a constant game of cat-and-mouse and who’s-playing-who, so if you like those types of movies, you’ll love this one. It’s funny and full of twists and turns in the plot-and everyone is easy to root for! Rent this for a cute date night with your sweetie pie; it’ll be a lot of fun.

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