Relic (2020)

Relic (2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: Natalie Erika James
Starring: Bella Heathcote, Robyn Nevin, Emily Mortimer, ,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: Australia
Views: 195343


When elderly mother Edna inexplicably vanishes, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam rush to their family’s decaying country home, finding clues of her increasing dementia scattered around the house in her absence. After Edna returns just as mysteriously as she disappeared, Kay’s concern that her mother seems unwilling or unable to say where she’s been clashes with Sam’s unabashed enthusiasm to have her grandma back. As Edna’s behavior turns increasingly volatile, both begin to sense that an insidious presence in the house might be taking control of her. With RELIC, first-time writer/director Natalie Erika James crafts an unforgettable new spin on the haunted-house movie.
Written by
IFC Midnight
User Reviews: Here we go again….Another attempt of a slow burn horror but the only thing that burnt out was my patience. I mean it’s one thing if after all the build up made suspense we would actually get some genuine scares but here it is just not there. Nothing, Nada, not a single moment of fear.

At the end of the day the movie can look good, have fine actors and possess a decent story but it would be nothing without the actually horror which turns out to be the title of the genre.


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