"Red Oaks" Pilot (TV Episode 2014)

"Red Oaks" Pilot (TV Episode 2014)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Sport, TV-Show
Director: David Gordon Green
Starring: Ennis Esmer, Jennifer Grey, Craig Roberts, ,
Run time: 30 min
IMDb: 7.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 150849


Set in 1985, high-school graduate David Myers takes a job as an assistant tennis instructor at the predominantly Jewish Red Oaks country club to find out what kind of life he wants for himself. While David makes friends with his tennis supervisor Nash, he inadvertently makes an enemy out of Mr. Getty, the snobbish and arrogant president of the club when David beats him at a grudge tennis match. Meanwhile, David’s father Sam is recovering from a heart attack at the hospital in which both he and David’s mother Judy flirt with the attractive Korean nurse. David’s girlfriend Karen, who works as the aerobics instructor, is persuaded by a sleazy photographer who tries to recruit her to be his model. Also, slacker/stoner parking valet Wheeler tries to pick-up the hot golf instructor Misty. David also learns that the mysterious young woman ogling him is Mr. Getty’s daughter.
Written by
Larry B.
User Reviews: The nay sayers will shake their collective heads at my score but let them shake. I spent no time comparing this to any other show, movie, or directors fare. What I did do as someone who watches only sports on TV was to give it a try.

This show (I watched all of the episodes.) entertained me. Yes it has coming of age themes but that isn’t the only story going on. The fact that through the 70’s and 80’s "the times are a changin’" is a consistent theme throughout as well as different characters stories.

When David says to his Dad that people are Asian, rugs are oriental I chuckled because that was what I tried to explain to my then 70 something Aunt 20 years ago. It is also an example without spoilers of how times were changing and what goes on with the cast because of it.

I thought Paul Reiser did a fine job, I think because I have known "those guys" over the years. Richard Kind and Richard Masur did what they do, and as always did it well. I liked Jennifer Grey very much, I certainly hope her character is going to be further developed.

Well I would just be listing people with compliments. I will close with it is worth a shot. I am telling people to try it in person, so I mean it.

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