Re-Generator (2010)

Re-Generator (2010)

Released: 2010
Genre: Action, Genre, Sci-Fi
Starring: Paul Logan, David J. Phillips, Olivier Gruner, ,
Run time: 94 min
IMDb: 2.8/10
Country: USA
Views: 187195


A plane containing a highly classified government project crashes outside of a small town in the US. Realizing the level of danger the government is trying to secretly fix the problem. As tensions grow the situation gets out of control and civilians from the town are facing their worst nightmare: a genetically enhanced killing machine that doesn’t know how to stop.
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Ytinifni Pictures
User Reviews: …you shouldn’t write a review of ‘Re-Generator.’ I hate coming onto IMDb and not having much to say about a movie other than "it’s awful," but this movie is just that ~ awful. There isn’t much else one can say.

I don’t want to spend the entire review repeating myself or coming up with as many variations of the word "terrible" I can, so I’ll just go over the main points:

1. This is not a movie… It is several movies thrown in a blender and tossed on DVD with little care. I can’t help but notice the two directors credited. One is Olivier Gruner, the writer, producer and star. And then there’s some other guy. It really looks like the movie was abandoned at one point by the original director (Gruner?) and then the other guy came along and tried to salvage what he could of the original material, adding in scenes with Paul Logan, unending stock footage, etc. After seeing Gruner’s second directorial effort (‘Sector 4 Extraction’… do yourself a favor and skip it), I can’t say anything positive about his directorial skills. (What’s up with making all the actors speak directly into the camera??) My guess is the movie had so many issues with him in the director’s chair, that someone else had to step in and re-shoot half the movie to "salvage" it.

2. Nothing happens in the movie. There is nothing at stake for any of the characters at any point. Everyone is just moping around, babbling, waiting to be picked off by The Beast, Gruner’s silent killer (who, for the record, performs ZERO action in the movie!). Nothing is interesting in the 90-minute run-time! Characters are introduced, then never heard from again. Plot points are brought up, then ignored. Nothing adds up. It truly feels like half the movie was simply shot as ‘damage control’ to fix what was an abandoned home video.

3. (The one positive I have to say.) The music. The music was cheesy, over-the-top, sounding like it came straight out of a Sega Dreamcast action game… But it works. I can safely say that the music was the single highlight of the film. (Honorable mention for Paul Logan who’s awesome in just about everything.) Sorry to blast the movie like this, because kudos should be given to any filmmaker who completes a project, but man, this was one of the most poorly-made movies I have ever seen.

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