Prime Evil (1988)

Prime Evil (1988)

Released: 1988
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Roberta Findlay
Starring: Mavis Harris, Christine Moore, William Beckwith, ,
Run time: 87 min
IMDb: 3.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 108128


A coven of devil-worshiping monks living in New York City search for victims for their sacrificial ceremonies.
User Reviews: "Prime Evil" came in a boxed set of bad "b" movies. The hope was that it would be at minimum watchable. It met those expectations. The plot was complicated enough, and the format was such that it succeeded in building suspense. This is a horror movie without too much horror, and it is presented without any gratuitous violence. I liked the tale told from a feminine perspective. The reality is that, similar to "Rosemary’s Baby", it is a tale that could actually be. That perhaps is where the horror creeps in, in retrospect. The cast was decent and had skills beyond that of your typical bad "b" film. Was I glad I watched it? Yes. Would I watch it again? Probably.

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