Ponette (1996)

Ponette (1996)

Released: 1996
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Jacques Doillon
Starring: Matiaz Bureau Caton, Delphine Schiltz, Victoire Thivisol, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: France
Views: 176805


An extremely captivating movie on how a little girl copes with her mother’s death. She withdraws from all the people around her, waiting for her mother to come back. She tries waiting, and when her mother still doesn’t appear, tries magic chants, praying to God, and then becoming a child of God, to have some power over Him. All to no avail. But then, when she is in despair, her mother does come back …
Written by
Rahul Dodhia <[email protected]>
User Reviews: My wife and I viewed this film without any prior knowledge of its quality (or even of its existence!) To say the least, we were extremely impressed. We find it difficult to understand how the director managed to create situations where these wonderful children could perform so magnificently. The storyline is certainly simplistic, but the film’s greatness comes from the marvelous interactions between the young children which go well beyond acting as we normally understand it. These interactions are so authentic that the storyline as such becomes a secondary consideration. One reviewer critized the ‘fantasy’ ending of the film saying that it somehow broke the flow of the story…

But, I for one appreciate the fact that the creators of this film allowed us to regain our composure before the lights went back on !

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