Piper (2016)

Piper (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Animation, Family, Genre
Director: Alan Barillaro
Starring: ,
Run time: 6 min
IMDb: 8.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 50387


A young and bright-eyed Sandpiper is motivated by her mother to start hunting for food along with the rest of the flock in the sandy seashore. However, the tiny bird is still terrorised by the surfs that break on the ocean’s shoreline, unable to take care of herself. Poor little Piper, growing up is difficult, nevertheless, your caring mother believes in you.
Written by
Nick Riganas
User Reviews: The little piper is not just adorable but the way the makers of piper captured the beauty of motherhood,, survival, nature and adventure in just 6 min is pure brilliance.

The film is told with no words and is the story of a very timid baby piper. The best thing about this film is the character design. The baby piper is adorable and is a great combination of a more realistic sort of CG with a slightly cartoon character. Both funny and touching, the minutes seem to go by pretty quickly by the time it ends.

However, this story line is a little difficult for children. It is not easy to understand the process of getting shells.


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