Phantom of the Opera (2014)

Phantom of the Opera (2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Anthony D.P. Mann
Starring: Matt Davis, Charline Cleaver, Raphaelle Beauchamp, ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 3.1/10
Country: Canada
Views: 152904


Legend tells of a hideously disfigured masked murderer who once stalked the Garnier Opera House leaving a trail of terror and bloodshed in his wake. With strange occurrences haunting the old theater to this day, a TV show investigates reported Paranormal Activity in the abandoned opera house. However when the TV crew comes to film the story at the old theater decades after the horrific events, they inadvertently reawaken the spirit of the mad composer… and the Phantom’s Opera is set to reprise its bloody final act! Starring Canadian horror maestro Anthony D.P. Mann (Terror of Dracula, Ghostkeepers) and Featuring the winner of TVCogeco’s “Casting Christine” television series, “Phantom of the Opera” combines the mystery of the beloved novel, and the excitement of classic chillers along with today’s modern horror.
User Reviews: This is the familiar story, presumably modernized. I watched this on Amazon to kill a little time while doing some busy work. The opening scene seemed like it was filmed as part of a college theater piece. As the film progressed, everything seemed that way. It’s as if…. wait! I had to visit IMDb to confirm my suspicions.

No, it’s not "AS IF filmed by a bunch of friends out to make a movie", it IS a bunch of friends out to make a movie. Most of the cast were also in "A Christmas Carol" also directed by Anthony Mann. Everyone seemed to act as if they were in a college production of "Diary of Anne Frank." No-one ever rises above this.

The film isn’t merely low-budget. It’s pretty close to no-budget and possibly funded by cookie sales or something. We get a scene where a young boy is presumably watching an opera, but all are closeups of the boy and his father for the "audience" and some shadowy shots of a conductor, soprano and a french horn player and that’s our "orchestra." I guess we have to imagine the rest.

One conversation scene with three people is so differently lit between shots of the 3 actors I had to wonder if Ed Wood wasn’t directing. Other scenes where deliberately filmed by hand-held video camera — and that’s fine when it’s part of what they are doing — but scenes that didn’t involve a hand-held camera were still filmed in the same style.

If you’re friends of the people in the film, by all means, watch it. After all, we don’t go see high-school/college theater pieces for the professional acting. But if you’re not, avoid this film.

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    why in the mother of god is The Phantom of the Opera 2014 in japanese, I do not understand it that well