Pet Sematary (2019)

Pet Sematary (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Genre, Horror, In Theaters, Thriller
Starring: John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, Jason Clarke, ,
Run time: 101 min
IMDb: 6.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 41548


Louis Creed, his wife Rachel, and their two children, Gage and Ellie, move to a rural home where they are welcomed and enlightened about the eerie ‘Pet Sematary’ located nearby. After the tragedy of their cat being killed by a truck, Louis resorts to burying it in the mysterious pet cemetery, which is definitely not as it seems, as it proves to the Creeds that sometimes, dead is better.
User Reviews: ‘Pet Sematary’ is dead on arrival with a strikingly weak first act, but snaps back to life with a dramatic resurrection in quality for an improved second act and a unsatisfying but well executed finale. The latest in a long line of highly anticipated Stephen King adaptions proves that they all can’t reach the level of 2017’s ‘IT’ or ‘Gerald’s Game’ from the same year, and they can turn out as ferociously disappointing films that fuels huge potential as one of its greatest weakness.

There is something about leading actor Jason Clarke that never sits well with me, more often than not he is the weakest part to any film he stars in. His way of acting often does not work. It feel as if he can never find consistency between natural acting and forced acting. His efforts frequently fall into the latter. He was near unpalatable here, where I brought a lot of his emotion, he did not sell scares and broke tension repeatedly. For a horror film this was not ideal. This being said, young Jeté Laurence does a spectacular job, within a first act which mis-sells the rest of the film completely, she stands out and shines, her talents do not go unnoticed. She is the perfectly charming, which aids the reminder of the film to blossom off an emotional core.

Easily, the emotional backing this story so strongly grounds easily progresses to be this adaptions greatest strength. Some ideas are toyed with which I truly admired. The way the film approached PTSD in the Mother was executed well and was refreshing to see it addresses in such a mature manor within the storyline. Subsequently this helps gives this character a strong setup, which was not a common occurrence in characters here. A lot of backstories were skimmed over or completely left out.

The impact of grief is another element which the story does a great job at developing and also approached in a strong manor. Addressing how different people deal with the loss of a family member, helped form an emotional connection to the family members, and even though the characters are proceeded relentlessly dumb you do begin to sympathise with them.

More importantly, as a horror this remake, is frequently very poor and follows many typical genre clichés. Almost the entire story was spoiled during promotional material but of the surprises that remain, they are predictable and underwhelming. Tension is sometimes sustained well, but in no means is this a scary film. Attempts are jump scares are on the whole cheap, and some repeated many times with little success. When tension is created well it is inserted well. Near the end, where still unscary, there a certain edge of your seat tension that keeps you engrossed. When the story falls into slasher territory it does become an extraordinary amount of fun.

Frustratingly a lack of scares in this supposed horror is damaging, but accompanied by a less than mediocre first act, damage was uncontrollably serve. Script wise, it is dumb and follows genre tropes. Several times dialog can be predicted word for word, and this is sustained as a constant issue. It was just uninteresting and flat scripting. The tone is an uneven. Often the tone comes over as a drama opposed to horror. Pacing was a huge issue which through the film is a mess, but eventually becomes less noticeable. Nevertheless, some scenes are executed to perfection, but most occur in the second act which is what forces it out, of this murky film.

An unfortunate disappointment needless to say.

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