Penny Dreadful (2006)

Penny Dreadful (2006)

Released: 2006
Genre: Genre, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Richard Brandes
Starring: Chad Todhunter, Mimi Rogers, Rachel Miner, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 4.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 183934


Young Penny goes on a retreat with her psychologist; the intention is to help her overcome her phobia, an intense fear of cars. Unexpected events find her in a nightmarish situation where her worst fears come true.
User Reviews: Horror happens always at night, in abandoned places, when no one is around to help, to see, to witness. Horror happens to only a few of us, the ones who are innocent already, the ones who are weak, the ones who are helpless. It seems that evil is a coward-entity, chickens out on places with many people and strong people and real adversaries. Evil is simply afraid, mushy, and has no integrity whatsoever. May that be how it is, Penny Dreadful is a film where this happens exactly by the book. By this I don’t mean to put the film down. In the contrary. PD is an awesome story about to helpless women caught in the darkness, alone, and exposed to evil, or en evil entity. I had a great time watching this film and it scared the crap out of me. I love Mimi Rogers and felt the whole cast was doing a great job. I recommend this film to anyone and hopefully it will come out on DVD and I’ll get me a copy of it. Go see it, it is scary!

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