Passing Strange (2009)

Passing Strange (2009)

Released: 2009
Genre: Documentary, Genre, Music
Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Eisa Davis, Daniel Breaker, De'Adre Aziza, ,
Run time: 135 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 181631


Director Spike Lee’s passionate adaptation of the thrilling Broadway musical about a young bohemian who experiences sex, drugs and rock and roll on his journey to selfhood.
User Reviews: This filming of a Broadway play both shows how good live theater is and how effectively a filmmaker can capture that very experience. It probably would have been better to see this funny, insightful rock opera live, but the movie beautifully captures the experience.

The play follows a young musician as he goes to Europe and falls in with other artists. It’s very much the life I would have liked, but alas, I never was embraced by a group of crazy artists. So I must admit to envy for this semi-autobiographical guy’s life.

The cast is absolutely terrific, headed by co-creator Stew. The performer I found the weakest was the young lead, who was terrific performing songs but who came across as rather bland as a character.

The set is very minimalist, being mainly chairs, yet it’s beautifully staged. This never really sounded that interesting to me based on the description I’d read, and I only watched this because my girlfriend wanted to. I wish I’d watched it much earlier!

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