Part-time Spy (2017)

Part-time Spy (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Action, Comedy, Genre
Director: Deok-Soo Kim
Starring: Min Namkoong, Chae-Ah Han, Ye-won Kang, ,
Run time: 117 min
IMDb: 5.4/10
Country: South Korea
Views: 48860


Jang Young-shil, who couldn’t get a full-time job no matter how hard she tried, finally is hired as a comment writer for National Security Office at 35. However, even in the job she realizes that she is on the top of the list of people who are soon to be laid off. One day, Mr. Cha, the manager of the department makes an irreversible mistake and loses the budget of National Security Office to voice
User Reviews: Two things made me sit down to watch "Part-Time Spy" when I happened to find it in the Asian movie section; the first being that it is a South Korean movie, because they make really excellent movies most of the time. And the second part being that it is an action comedy, which usually tends to be a great combination.

Now, I wasn’t particularly familiar with anyone on the cast list for the movie. But that hardly mattered, because it is always enjoyable to watch new talents on the screen. Especially so when the actors and actresses perform quite well, which definitely was the case for the people on the cast list for "Part-Time Spy".

The storyline is about Jang Young-Sil (played by Ye-Won Kang) who gets hired to go undercover into a banking company to uncover an elaborate phishing and scamming setup. But she soon finds herself way in over her head.

I mentioned that the cast in "Part-Time Spy" was good, and I will say that Ye-Won Kang really carried the movie quite nicely, especially because she was able to handle both comedy and action equally well, and she was equally nicely assisted by Chae-Ah Han.

The characters in the movie were quite nice, diverse and well-rounded. Each character brought something enjoyable and unique to the story. And they had definitely cast the right talents to portray the various roles and characters. And having such colorful and detailed characters really brought a lot of flavor to the storyline.

There is a lot of great comedy and hilarious scenes throughout the course of this action comedy, and I found myself laughing quite often. The scene where Chae-Ah Han (playing Na Jung-An) was dry humping the wall in the office was some of the most funny stuff, and awkward stuff, that I have seen in a long time in a Korean movie, and it has me laughing so much. And the scene where the guy slipped in the shower also had be toppling over from laughing, it was just so hilarious.

"Part-Time Spy" is fast paced, and the storyline is constantly on the go, evolving and expanding as the story progress. So writer and director Deok-Soo Kim really did a fabulous job with this movie; both in coming up with a story and also in directing it and putting it on the screen. An enjoyable movie with lots of fun, action and lovable characters.

If you enjoy South Korean cinema, then you should definitely take the time to watch "Part-Time Spy".

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