Nuclear Hurricane (TV Movie 2007)

Nuclear Hurricane (TV Movie 2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Action, Genre, Thriller
Director: Fred Olen Ray
Starring: Meredith McGeachie, Jack Scalia, Jamie Luner, ,
Run time: 88 min
IMDb: 3.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 36778


A “highly sophisticated computer system” at a nuclear power plant goes crazy. To make matters worse, it develops a capacity for reason and malice while a tropical island storm is blowing into town.
User Reviews: Looking at the front cover, it looks like a rip of atomic twister and the China Syndrome. They also use an awful front cover and it makes the movie look worse. I’ve seen one photo of this movie and it already looks awful. I’ll stick with atomic twister for now or even Sharknado 1 or 2

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