Northwood Pie (2019)

Northwood Pie (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Jay Salahi
Starring: Mendel Fogelman, Kristina Cohen, Johnny Chang, ,
Run time: 75 min
IMDb: 8.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 54812


A Community college burnout in the making Crispin, spends the majority of his time stuck on repeat with a longtime group of childhood friends. But his newfound desire to move out of his suburban hometown prompts him to land a job at the local, rundown Northwood Pizza. There he meets a group of employees as attached to their jobs as Crispin’s friends are to their city; including Sierra, a girl whose musings lie deeper than most. Through his experiences with his friends, coworkers, and a kindling relationship, Crispin Learns to embrace his higher ambitions.
User Reviews: If you grew up in Irvine or have lived there at all during your teen years or early adulthood, this movie should hit you right where it hurts. From the dialogue to the filming locations everything is spot on, the feeling of wanting so much more while being stuck in such a small bubble, surrounded by people who are okay with not wanting more and that feel no need to explore what else is out there…Every topic was touched, this movie was written directed and edited flawlessly because it’s REAL.


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Public on September 25, 2020

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