No Hard Feelings (2020)

No Hard Feelings (2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Faraz Shariat
Starring: Eidin Jalali, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Benny Radjaipour, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 6.8/10
Country: Germany
Views: 115474


Parvis, the son of exiled Iranians, was caught shoplifting. He is sentenced to community service at a refugee shelter where he meets the siblings Banafshe and Amon, who have fled Iran. As a romantic attraction between Parvis and Amon grows, the fragile relationship between the three is put to the test.
User Reviews: This film is genuinely the most important piece of cinema of our generation. Germany needs this movie more than anything else on screen. I saw this movie three times, because so many of my friends needed to see it. Most of us are immigrants and refugees who have never seen ourselves represented on screen in such a careful and brilliant way. We are touched, moved and inspired by this work.

I would even go so far as to say that this film is more important than Call Me by Your Name.

There are numerous aspects with which many more people can relate to than I had originally expected, which is the true strength of this film. The directors intent was to bring queer immigration stories to the mainstream screen, which is incredibly ambitious and I think he succeeded, even though I did have the feeling that there were several aspects such as relationships with the family that could have been played out a little more. However, this only makes me look forward to his future works.

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