Nightmare Sisters (1988)

Nightmare Sisters (1988)

Released: 1988
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Genre, Horror
Director: David DeCoteau
Starring: Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, ,
Run time: 83 min
IMDb: 5.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 180571


Melody, Marci, and Mickey are three geeky college girls who can’t get a date. One night, they invite some geeky college guys over and have a seance that results in the girls becoming possessed and turning into sex starved vamps. Will the geek hero guys be able to stop the horrible (?) possession?
Written by
Josh Pasnak <[email protected]>
User Reviews: This one has it all: college sororities, nerds, demonic possession, babes seducing in first-person camera perspective, cherry pies and lunk-headed jocks getting eaten by evil succubuses. All in all, the perfect family film.

"Nightmare Sisters" details what happens when three homely sorority sisters summon a demon that possesses them all and makes them seduce and/or devour every male within groping distance…oh yeah, and take baths together and get naked. A lot. Did I mention this was a comedy? No? Musta slipped my mind….

Doesn’t hurt a thing that the girls in question are three of the grand dames of "B"-grade cinema – Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and the ubiquitous Linnea Quigley – all of them pretty in face as well as body and mind, and more than willing to doff their duds, all in the name of good-old American entertainment, natch.

Is there much more to the movie, you may ask, than three great (excuse me…GREAT!!!)-looking babes getting naked and seductive and growling lines like "let’s get primitive" to the men?


Solid rent, find it at once.

Ten stars, no kidding. "Nightmare Sisters" will make you glad you have hormones and quite possibly give you the inclination to go back to college.

With a Ouija board.

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