"Nancy Drew" The Haunting of Nancy Drew (TV Episode 2020)

"Nancy Drew" The Haunting of Nancy Drew (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Genre, Mystery, TV-Show
Director: Ruben Garcia
Starring: Maddison Jaizani, Leah Lewis, Kennedy McMann, ,
Run time: 42 min
IMDb: 9.3/10
Views: 98126


While using a combination of forensic clues, skilled observation and relentless questioning of those who knew Lucy at the end of her life, Nancy unravels what happened the night Lucy died. While her detective work succeeds in some ways, it also reveals a devastating truth.
User Reviews: I’ve had mixed feelings about this series: the "modernization" for the hook-up generation (does that actually exist?), the introduction of fantasy elements and the over-emphasis on "you’re a suspect, no YOU’RE a suspect, no we’re all a suspect" plot churn. However, I did not see this episode’s twist coming, AT ALL, yet the clues were skillfully woven into previous episodes. Good job! But where do we go from here?

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