My Birthday Romance (TV Movie 2020)

My Birthday Romance (TV Movie 2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Genre, Romance
Director: Heather Hawthorn Doyle
Starring: Charles Cottier, Jesse Hutch, Ali Cobrin, ,
Run time: min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: Canada
Views: 130526


A woman tired of her parents nagging her to find a boyfriend makes a deal with a guy who also doesn’t want a relationship to pose as her boyfriend to keep her family off her back until after her birthday party.
User Reviews: Yes I mean literally lost my appetite. I made sushi for dinner and started eating while the movie started, and I literally lost my desire for sushi. That’s a big deal for me lol.
Yes I know it’s Hallmarkish- Yes I know it’s a fairly cookie cutter formula, when has it not been done, daughter ‘hires’ someone to play her boyfriend to get family off her back. This was so awful, there was zero dialogue from them besides harrassing her to get a date, or hook up with one of their friends etc. Like seriously, you can stick a side story or sub plot or some other substance in a movie, even Hallmark, besides this. Even if they are annoying in that regard, the producers didn’t have to make that 100% of the dialogue for 90 minutes. A) It’s totally not realistic. B)it makes for really painful TV, like poke your eyes out or ears bleed TV.
So if this kind of thing irritates you then don’t watch this.
SEcondly but probably more importantly, the protagonist is supposedly a caterer? And again, Hallmark, I get it. Weve seen and ive stomached some pretty sorry examples of bakers or chefs displaying their skills. Like Cringeworthy. OK I cook for a living so I have a keen eye for details or degree of authenticity. And the writers don’t have to make it look like the real commercial kitchen, and most often they don’t anyway. But come on, do a little research. Or have stepped foot in a kitchen at least once before you make the focal point of her story being a caterer. From precooking a souffle at x in the morning and then complaining that it fell? Hello, you don’t even have to be a trained chef to know you dont ‘precook’ a souffle. Or cooking pasta but when the helper girl pulls a piece out of the pot to check if it’s al dente, A) she throws it against the wall- hello, we dont do that in commercial kitchens, B), the water is not even simmering or rolling or moving.
And then when the ‘fake’ boyfriend comes into her catering kitchen she dumps her dish all over him, forgive me if I wasn’t looking closely but it didn’t look like veal parmigiano.
No chemistry between anyone. Acting skills seemed to have been left at the door.
And on and on. Again, the premise of ‘hiring’ a fake boyfriend for a party is a common plot and I’ve seen it done well, it’s not a bad plot. But this just missed every mark, every single mark. No redeeming qualities about this. Would give it a zero or less if I could.

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