Mutant (1984)

Mutant (1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Genre, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Jody Medford, Bo Hopkins, Wings Hauser, ,
Run time: 99 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: USA
Views: 153698


When two brothers, Josh and Mike, go to a small southern town for a vacation, they find most of the residents either dead or missing. When Mike himself goes missing, Josh teams up with the local sheriff and an attractive school teacher to find him until Josh discovers that the whole town and most of its people have been infected by a form of toxic waste, and they have all turned into toxic vampires whom prowl the streets at night for human blood!
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User Reviews: Well I’ve been watching horror films since I was eight years old and it has been 24 years of watching horror films. This film deserves all the credit for the excellent zombie effects and make-up by Paul Stewart, and excellent suspenseful music by the legendary Richard Band. A good story and script overall by John C. Kruize. Direction is decent by John "Budd" Cardos who replaced Mark Rosman as director. Outstanding cinematography by Alfred Taylor.

The plot is this: two brothers, Josh and Mike, go to a small southern town for a vacation. On the road while driving, they almost crash into the pick-up truck of one of the local troublemaker. In retaliation he forces Josh to crash land his car into a small swamp. After that Josh and Mike are forced to walk into town for help.

It is night when they arrive into town. Mike notices a drunk coming out of a tavern and disappearing to relieve himself. He hears a scream coming from the drunk and rushes to the scene only to find the drunk horribly disfigured and mutilated. The rush into the tavern where they again re-encounter the local troublemaker who attacks Mike and stabs him in the arm. Mike is rescued by Sheriff Will Stewart.

Sheriff Will Stewart takes Mike to the local clinic to treat his wounded arm. The Sheriff tells Josh and Mike to leave town, but is advised by the Dr. Myra Tate the local physician to let Mike recuperate from his injuries for a day or so. So Mike and Josh are advised to stay at the house of an elderly lady for a day or so.

They arrive a the house and the old woman offers them two rooms in which to stay as long as they want. The next day Mike mysteriously vanishes…..

What happens next has to be seen. I won’t give away any more of the plot as it is a suspenseful horror film.

The most notable actors in the film are Bo Hopkins who plays Sheriff Will Stewart and Wings Hauser who plays Josh Cameron.

P.S. If George Romero had been involved in this project along with some more professional special effects man like Tom Savini, this could have been the best horror film of that year.

Overall I give it 8/10.

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