Murder, My Sweet (1944)

Murder, My Sweet (1944)

Released: 1944
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Starring: Anne Shirley, Claire Trevor, Dick Powell, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 7.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 84232


This adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel ‘Farewell, My Lovely’, renamed for the American market to prevent audiences mistaking it for a musical (for which Powell was already famous) has private eye Philip Marlowe hired by Moose Malloy, a petty crook just out of prison after a eight year stretch, to look for his former girlfriend, Velma, who has not been seen for the last six years. The case is tougher than Marlowe expected as his initially promising inquiries lead to a complex web of deceit involving bribery, perjury and theft, and where no one’s motivation is obvious, least of all Marlowe’s.
Written by
Mark Thompson <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Chandler once said that Powell was his favourite – not, naturally, his ideal – screen Marlowe. Though "Bogart is always excellent as Bogart", he wasn’t Marlowe.

Claire Trevor is the classic proof of how personality is more important than looks, even in sexy parts. Short, powerfully built, coarse-featured, she comes across here as overpoweringly glamorous and alluring.

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