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Closed Diary (2007) 6.7

Closed Diary (2007)

Storyline:Kae Horii (Erika Sawajiri) moves into her new flat in an undisclosed area of Kyoto. While unpacking her belongings, she discovers a hidden compartment behind a inconspicuous mirror. In that compartment, Kae ...

Honey & Clover (2006) 6.4

Honey & Clover (2006)

Storyline:Shy architect Takemoto, pensive ceramics student Ayumi, hardworking senior Mayama, and super-senior artistic madman Morita are four students at an art college in Japan, each taught by Professor Hanamoto. Whe...

Memories of Matsuko (2006) 7.9

Memories of Matsuko (2006)

Storyline:Shou's father Norio finds his son in a rather meaningless existence in Tokyo dominated by alcohol and porn videos. Having left home two years earlier to pursue life as a musician, Shou has left his band and ...

Shinjuku Swan (2015) 5.6

Shinjuku Swan (2015)

Storyline:Set in Kabukicho, an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The main character Tatsuhiko doesn't have money or a job. One day, he meets a scout who recruits girls on the streets to w...

Itoshi no Irene (2018) 6.7

Itoshi no Irene (2018)

Storyline:The film centers on Iwao Shishido, who at age forty suddenly leaves his rural village, but returns with a foreign bride during his father's funeral.User Reviews:

Casshern (2004) 6.0

Casshern (2004)

Storyline:Fifty years of war between the Great Eastern Federation and Europa - now merged as Eurasia - have taken their toll on planet Earth. As a result of the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, much of...

Kaiten – Human Torpedo War (2006) 5.9

Kaiten – Human Torpedo War (2006)

Storyline:Koji Namiki is a young pitcher who has shown great promise on the diamond by winning the National High School Basketball Championships. Shortly after entering college, however, Namiki's athletic career is ca...

Fly Me to the Saitama (2019) 8.1

Fly Me to the Saitama (2019)

Storyline:People from Saitama Prefecture are persecuted and, because of this, they hide the fact that they are from there. In Tokyo, Momomi Hakuhodo (Fumi Nikaido) is a male high school student and the son of the Toky...

Mozu The Movie (2015) 7.0

Mozu The Movie (2015)

Storyline:Lone wolf detective with an enormous personal grievance seeks to connect the mysterious death of his daughter to an urban legend of a villain who terrorizes Japan by insinuating himself into people's dreams ...

Dog in a Sidecar (2007) 6.0

Dog in a Sidecar (2007)

Storyline:The film begins in the present, with its heroine, Kaoru (Mimura), a grown-up woman working as a real-estate agent, while helping out the folksy proprietor (Minori Terada) of a neighborhood fishing pond. Ther...

Distance (2001) 7.5

Distance (2001)

Storyline:On the eighth anniversary of a cult's failed chemical attack on Tokyo and their subsequent mass suicide, family members of those affected gather at the cult's former base on the shores of a lake to observe t...

Inuyashiki (2018) 7.0

Inuyashiki (2018)

Storyline:A middle-aged office worker encounters aliens and is gifted with alien technology and limitless powers.User Reviews:

13 Assassins (2010) 7.3

13 Assassins (2010)

Storyline:A bravado period action film set at the end of Japan's feudal era in which a group of unemployed samurai are enlisted to bring down a sadistic lord and prevent him from ascending to the throne and plunging t...

The Kiyosu Conference (2013) 6.2

The Kiyosu Conference (2013)

Storyline:After the forced suicide of Nobunaga Oda at the Incident at Honnō-ji, powerful figures Katsuie Shibata (Koji Yakusho), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Yo Oizumi), Nagahide Niwa (Fumiyo Kohinata) and Tsuneoki Ikeda (Koic...

The Land of Hope (2012) 6.5

The Land of Hope (2012)

Storyline:An old couple, their only son, the son's wife, a young man and his lover live peacefully in a village. Then, a terrifying earthquake strikes that causes a nearby nuclear station to explode. The residents mus...

Tekkonkinkreet (2006) 7.7

Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

Storyline:In Treasure Town, life can be both peaceful and violent. This is never truer than for our heroes, Black and White - two street kids who claim to traverse the urban city as if it were their own. But in this t...