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The Shadow Within (1970) 7.1

The Shadow Within (1970)

Storyline:Hamajima is a quiet, hard-working man, whose life changes drastically when he reunites with a lovely childhood friend and her strange little boy.User Reviews:

Village of Eight Gravestones (1977) 6.7

Village of Eight Gravestones (1977)

Storyline:The heir to a family fortune discovers that a curse has been placed on it, put there centuries before by a band of samurai warriors. Adaptation of novel by Seishi YokomizoUser Reviews:

The Three Undelivered Letters (1979) 6.6

The Three Undelivered Letters (1979)

Storyline:For the study of Japanese culture, the Pope came to the United States youth Yamaguchi Di Tang Zeguang political home town. Karasawa home has three very beautiful daughters: the eldest daughter Lizzy, has an ...