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Fanny Hill (1983) 5.2

Fanny Hill (1983)

Storyline:Happily engaged to her handsome fiance, Charles, Fanny is soon hit with one misfortune after another until she is forced to become a prostitute to survive. This is the story, with many erotic asides, of her ...

The March Hare (1956) 6.0

The March Hare (1956)

Storyline:Sir Charles Hare, a young Irish baronet, gambles his all on one of his horses at Ascot. But the horse is 'pulled', and Sir Charles is forced to sell his Irish estate. His aunt, however, has some surprises in...

Last Holiday (1950) 7.9

Last Holiday (1950)

Storyline:George Bird is a salesman of agricultural machinery who finds out that he hasn't long to live. On his doctor's advice, he goes to an exclusive seaside resort to spend his savings on one last holiday.User Rev...

Poison Pen (1939) 6.7

Poison Pen (1939)

Storyline:A small, sedate British village is shocked when its residents begin receiving hate-filled diatribes, known as User Reviews:

Oh, God! Book II (1980) 5.1

Oh, God! Book II (1980)

Storyline:God appears before 11-year-old Tracy Richards to ask for her help to spread his word and influence over the world which she suggests the slogan 'Think God.' Naturaly, Tracy's divorced parents think Tracy's c...

His and Hers (1961) 5.0

His and Hers (1961)

Storyline:Author-explorer Reggie Blake takes an unorthodox approach to his craft, apparently finding inspiration in the adventures suggested by his agent Charles Lunton; it matters little that most of his experiences ...

Chamber of Horrors (1966) 6.1

Chamber of Horrors (1966)

Storyline:A one-handed madman (he lost the hand while escaping a hanging) uses various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he believes have wronged him.User Reviews: Expecting a low-grade and...

On the Double (1961) 6.5

On the Double (1961)

Storyline:American GI Ernie Williams, admittedly weak-kneed, has an uncanny resemblance to British Colonel MacKenzie. Williams, also a master of imitation and disguise, is asked to impersonate the Colonel, ostensibly ...