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Luminous Motion (1998) 5.5

Luminous Motion (1998)

Storyline:A mom and her 10 year son motor around the country as she makes ends meet by turning tricks until her car breaks down. She then temporarily takes up with a hardware store owner until she gets her own place. ...

La Belle Époque (2019) 7.5

La Belle Époque (2019)

Storyline:Victor, a disillusioned sexagenarian, sees his life turned upside down on the day when Antoine, a brilliant entrepreneur, offers him a new kind of attraction: mixing theatrical artifices and historical recon...

Irma Vep (1996) 7

Irma Vep (1996)

Storyline:French filmmaker René Vidal was once a renowned director, but most see his career on a quick downward slide based on his last several films. In Paris, he is just starting to film his latest movie, a remake o...