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The Camp on Blood Island (1958) 6.5

The Camp on Blood Island (1958)

Storyline:Deep in Malaya, as World War II is rapidly coming to an end, men, women and children, trapped by the Japanese invasion, are held captive in the Blood Island prison camp. Knowing that Yamamitsu, the sadistic ...

This Was a Woman (1948) 7.1

This Was a Woman (1948)

Storyline:The woman that was here is Sylvia Russell, who is a bit power mad and has some set goals. In order to achieve those goals she is sadistically devoted to her son and daughter, able to possess and direct them;...

The Winslow Boy (1948) 7.1

The Winslow Boy (1948)

Storyline:In pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a petty theft, but his parents raise a political furor by demanding a trial.User Reviews:

Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959) 6.7

Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Storyline:Take a wee bit of ancient folklore, mix in some spectacular special effects and a magical cast (including Sean Connery) -- and you've got one of the most enchanting fantasies of all time! A frisky old storyt...

The Cockleshell Heroes (1955) 6.1

The Cockleshell Heroes (1955)

Storyline:During WW2, German ships are User Reviews: