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A Sense of History (TV Short 1992) 8.1

A Sense of History (TV Short 1992)

Storyline:The 23rd Earl of Leete shares brief moments of his life, the truth behind his family estate and his particular glorious moment when he murdered his wife and his brother.User Reviews: I saw this film several ...

Brideshead Revisited (2008) 6.7

Brideshead Revisited (2008)

Storyline:World War II. Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode), in his civilian life, rose out of his middle class London background, which includes being an atheist and having a distant relationship with his eccentric father,...

The Sunday Woman (1975) 6.7

The Sunday Woman (1975)

Storyline:Police commissioner Santamaria is investigating the murdering of the ambiguous architect Mr. Garrone. The investigations soon drive him into the Torino's high society. Santamaria suspect Anna Carla and at th...

La Grande Illusion (1937) 8.1

La Grande Illusion (1937)

Storyline:During 1st WW, two French officers are captured. Captain De Boeldieu is an aristocrat while Lieutenant Marechal was a mechanic in civilian life. They meet other prisoners from various backgrounds, as Rosenth...

Under the North Star (2009) 6.8

Under the North Star (2009)

Storyline:A new film-adaptation of Väinö Linna's famous book here Beneath the North Star.User Reviews: It's a long film - too long some might say, including to some extent me - but I'll be brief.Under the North Star, ...

Last Holiday (1950) 7.9

Last Holiday (1950)

Storyline:George Bird is a salesman of agricultural machinery who finds out that he hasn't long to live. On his doctor's advice, he goes to an exclusive seaside resort to spend his savings on one last holiday.User Rev...

8 Women (2002) 7.0

8 Women (2002)

Storyline:Eight women gather to celebrate Christmas in a snowbound cottage, only to find the family patriarch dead with a knife in his back. Trapped in the house, every woman becomes a suspect, each having her own mot...

Ring Around the Rosie (2006) 4.6

Ring Around the Rosie (2006)

Storyline:While spending time at her grandparent's secluded summerhouse to clean up the place after her grandmother's death, a young woman is plagued by horrible visions and dreams of tragic past events.User Reviews:

House of 1000 Corpses (2003) 6.2

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Storyline:Two teenage couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of serial killers end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers.User Reviews: Rob Zo...

Lionheart (1990) 6.1

Lionheart (1990)

Storyline:Lyon Gaultier is a deserter in the Foreign Legion arriving in the USA entirely hard up. He finds his brother between life and death and his sister-in-law without the money needed to heal her husband and to m...

The Exterminating Angel (1962) 8.1

The Exterminating Angel (1962)

Storyline:After a lavish dinner party, the guests find themselves mysteriously unable to leave the room.User Reviews:

The Queen (2006) 7.0

The Queen (2006)

Storyline:The Queen is an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the interaction between HM Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair during their struggle, following the death of Diana, to reach a compromise between ...

Requiem for the American Dream (2015) 7.8

Requiem for the American Dream (2015)

Storyline:Through interviews filmed over four years, Noam Chomsky unpacks the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality tracing a half-century of policies designed to f...

Foxcatcher (2014) 7

Foxcatcher (2014)

Storyline:Based on true events, Foxcatcher tells the dark and fascinating story of the unlikely and ultimately tragic relationship between an eccentric multi-millionaire and two champion wrestlers. When Olympic Gold M...

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947) 6.8

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947)

Storyline:Writer Georges Duroy (George Sanders) is one social-climbing S.O.B. who does most of his climbing over the warm (and cold) bodies of women. He begins with Rachel (Marie Wilson), a hanger-on in the cafes and ...

Look Back in Anger (1959) 7.2

Look Back in Anger (1959)

Storyline:Jimmy Porter is a loud, obnoxious man, rude and verbally abusive to his wife, Alison. Alison comes from an upper class family that Jimmy abhors and he berates Alison for being too reserved and unfeeling. Jim...

Metropolitan (1990) 7.4

Metropolitan (1990)

Storyline:In an apartment on Manhattan a couple of friends from the New York upper-class meet almost every night to talk about social mobility, play bridge and discuss Fourier's socialism; the cynic Nick, the philosop...